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Plays for One Person: Monologues, 1 Actor

The plays in the first section have only have one part that is played by a single performer. The plays in the second section either have multiple monologues or only one character who speaks. Before Breakfast by Eugene O’Neill (1 Act) The Rowlands live in a small apartment in New York. Mrs. Rowland comes out of […]

Plays for Five People: 5 Actors or Actresses

The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl (2 Acts) Matilde, a Brazilian woman, is hired to clean the house of Lane, a doctor in her 50s who’s married to Charles, also a doctor. Matilde has stopped doing her job and has been medicated. She wants to be funny like her parents were. Virginia, Lane’s sister, loves cleaning […]

Asian American Plays: Chinese, Japanese & Korean

Trying to Find Chinatown by David Henry Hwang (1 Act) Ronnie, a Chinese American, is playing his violin on the street in the Lower East Side of New York. His clothing is from the 60s and he has piercings. Benjamin, a blond tourist from the Midwest, stops to listen for a while. Benjamin asks for directions […]

War Plays: Military and Soldiers

The Persians by Aeschylus King Xerxes of Persia is away leading the war effort against the Greeks. Atossa, the Queen Mother, waits for news of the battle. A messenger eventually arrives with a report on the Battle of Salamis. This play can be read in the preview of The Greek Plays: Sixteen Plays by . […]

Plays With Violence, Fighting or Assault

Spoiler Alert! Violence could be an unexpected plot point in these plays. See also: Abuse/Domestic Violence Dutchman by Amiri Baraka (2 Scenes) Clay, a young black man, is riding the subway. Lula, a white woman in revealing clothes and eating an apple, boards the train. She openly flirts with Clay and behaves unpredictably. Othello by […]

Two Hander Plays: Two Person Plays, Including One Man & One Woman

These two hander plays, or two person plays, are for two actors. The plays written for one man and one woman have their own section at the bottom. Two Hander or Two Person Plays Blue Door by Tanya Barfield Lewis can’t sleep. His wife has left him because he wouldn’t go to the Million Man […]

Tragedy Plays, Including Tragic Heroines

The plays with tragic heroines have their own section at the bottom. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller (2 Acts) Willy Loman is a 63 year old traveling salesman. He returns home early after canceling a trip to Boston. His wife, Linda, is concerned about his mental health and the strain of his job. She […]

Plays With 3 Characters: Three Person Plays for Actors

These 3 person plays have parts for three actors or characters. 3 Person Plays Amicable by Paige Steadman (1 Act) Leda, a historian, and Wati, a genetic researcher, are married. They’re at the Marriage License and Divorce Certification Bureau. They clearly love each other but they’re applying for a divorce. They’re also going to be […]

Absurdity Plays: Theatre of the Absurd

Do You Feel Anger? by Mara Nelson-Greenberg Sofia is an empathy counselor hired by a collection agency. The first employee she meets is Eva, who says she gets mugged at the office. She warns Sofia everyone will hit on her. Eva talks about her ex-boyfriend—she has trouble remembering his name and what he looked like. Sofia […]

10 Minute Plays (10-20 Minutes)

These plays can all be performed in under twenty minutes, and most are around ten minutes. See also: One Location/Setting At Liberty by Tennessee Williams (1 Act) A middle-aged woman sits up at 2:30 in the morning. Her daughter, Gloria, comes home, escorted by a n ungentlemanly man. Gloria and her mother argue about the […]

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