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Plays About Racism, Discrimination, Prejudice or Stereotypes

Dutchman by Amiri Baraka (2 Scenes)

Clay, a young black man, is riding the subway. Lula, a white woman in revealing clothes who’s eating an apple, boards the train. She openly flirts with Clay and behaves unpredictably.

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (3 Acts)

The Younger family lives in a low-end apartment with a shared bathroom and limited space. The grandmother, Mama, is expecting a life insurance check from the death of her husband. Her son, Walter, wants some of the money to buy a liquor store to escape his low-level job. Mama wants to buy a house for the family.

A Soldier’s Play by Charles H. Fuller (2 Acts)

A drunken Sergeant Waters, a black man, is killed by an anonymous shooter. A black investigator, Davenport, arrives to interview the men. He is warned that his authority won’t be respected.

The Emperor Jones by Eugene O’Neill (1 Act)

Brutus Jones is the self-proclaimed emperor of a West Indian island. A former chief, Lem, is leading the preparations for an attack. Jones has an escape plan and believes he can handle the threat.

Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez (2 Acts)

In the barrio in the 1940’s, a brawl breaks out between opposing gangs at a dance. The police break it up and make arrests. One of the men, Henry, is told that he will go to jail regardless of his innocence, and his future plans won’t pan out. A trial begins, uncovering the details of the evening, including the murder of Jose Williams.

The Purple Flower by Marita Bonner (1 Act)

The Us’s live in the valley while the White Devils live on the hill. The Flower-of-Life-at-Its-Fullest only grows on the hill. The Us’s want to get on the hill, and talk about whether they can do that. The White Devil’s try to prevent this from happening. The Us’s have differing opinions on how to improve their situation.

Los Vendidos by Luis Valdez

Honest Sancho is the owner of Honest Sancho’s Used Mexican Lot and Mexican Curio Shop. He has three models—the Farmworker, the Panchuco and the Revolucionario. A customer, Miss Jimenez, is looking for a “Mexican type” for some administrative work. Sancho describes the traits of his models.

Sleep Deprivation Chamber by Adrienne Kennedy & Adam P. Kennedy (3 Scenes)

A young African-American man, Teddy, was severely beaten by a police officer during a stop over a broken taillight. He was then arrested and charged with assault and battery. He and his family cope with the situation and legal proceedings. There are several dream sequences.

Having Our Say: The Delaney Sisters’ First 100 Years by Emily Mann

Sadie and Bessie Delaney, elderly African-American sisters, have lived together most of their lives. They invite the audience into their home to talk about their lives. They aren’t rich, but they’ve managed their money well. They talk about their parents, work history, encounters with racism, the Great Depression, and other aspects of life.

Kimchee and Chitlins by Elizabeth Wong

Reporter Suzie Seeto covers a story of a clash between Koreans and Black people in Harlem. The locals have boycotted the Korean-owned store. Suzie investigates to find out what really happened. She encounters much stereotyping and racial hatred on both sides.

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