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Plays With 3 Characters: Three Person Plays for Actors

These 3 person plays have parts for three actors or characters.

3 Person Plays

Amicable by Paige Steadman (1 Act)

Leda, a historian, and Wati, a genetic researcher, are married. They’re at the Marriage License and Divorce Certification Bureau. They clearly love each other but they’re applying for a divorce. They’re also going to be attending a wedding next month.

This play can be read in the preview of The Best New Ten Minute Plays, 2020. (66% in)

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov (1 Act)

Lomov calls on Chubokov to make a request. He’s wearing formal dress and is excited. Lomov wants permission to marry Chubokov’s daughter, Natalya. Chubokov is very pleased. When Natalya enters, the conversation gets derailed.

This play can be read in the preview of Delphi Complete Works of Anton Chekhov. (65% in)

In The Pipeline by Gary Owen (1 Act)

The residents of a village get a letter saying a gas plant is being built nearby. The pipeline linking it to the main grid is going to run through their area. We get some perspective on the situation from three villagers—Andrew, Dai and Joan.

This play was originally written as a radio play. The characters’ parts are all monologues. The whole play can be read in the preview of Gary Owen: Collected Plays(9% in)

3 Person Plays, Cont’d

Time Flies by David Ives

Horace and May, mayflies, arrive at May’s pond. Horace has seen May home after they met at a party. May invites Horace to stay, and they talk about some of the events from their very short lives. They have a drink and watch television, where they see something surprising.

Poof! by Lynn Nottage

Samuel threatens his wife, Loureen. When she responds by cursing her husband, a remarkable thing happens—there’s a bright flash followed by a smoking mound of ash on the kitchen floor with Samuel’s glasses on top. Confused and shocked, she calls her friend Florence for help. They try to decide what to do.

Sizwe Bansi is Dead by Athol Fugard (1 Act)

Sizwe Bansi visits the photography studio of Styles. He wants a picture taken to send his wife, and says his name is Robert Zwelinzima. He writes a letter to his wife detailing his search for work and how he came to change his name.

FOB by David Henry Hwang (2 Acts)

Three Chinese-Americans—first-generation Grace, second-generation Dale, and “fresh-off-the-boat” Steve—have differing attitudes about their identities and how much Chinese-Americans should assimilate with American culture. Dale and Steve are both interested in Grace, who also has issues with the male dominance in both Chinese and American culture.

Plays with 3 Characters, Cont’d

Speed-the-Plow by David Mamet (3 Scenes)

Bobby Gould is the head of production at a movie studio. Charlie Fox comes to see him with a script and star actor attached. He wants Bobby to make the movie. Bobby is excited about the project and tries to get in touch with his boss.

The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco

A married couple, Old Man and Old Woman, prepare their place for a gathering. The Old Man has an important message to deliver to the world. The guests begin arriving, but they’re invisible.

Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman (3 Acts)

The dictatorship has ended and a democratic government now rules. A married couple, Paulina and Gerardo, are living at their beach house. Late one night, Gerardo’s car gets a flat and he gets a ride home from a passing motorist, Miranda. He returns later to talk. Paulina thinks she recognizes Miranda from the old regime.

Tea Party by Betty Keller (1 Scene)

Two elderly women, Alma and Hester, decide where they’re going to sit in their living room. They’re trying to arrange things for their unnamed expected guest. They discuss the refreshments they’ll offer and the story they’ll tell. (2 main roles & 1 cameo)

I’ll keep adding three person plays as I find more.

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